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    You are probably here because you are outwardly successful in your professional & personal life but secretly have trouble believing in yourself. Maybe you have painful past experiences you try hard to suppress & patterns that hold you back on the inside, you have trouble saying no & feel like you’re never good enough no matter how hard you try. Or perhaps you have a hard time truly trusting others, often feeling tense, nervous, jumpy, or on edge. You’ve probably tried many things in the past including self-help books, podcasts, workshops, online classes, maybe even therapy, but you know you are not where you want to be.

    Imagine yourself one day waking up without nightmares, enjoying life, feeling more fully present every moment, feeling safe enough to explore friendships, romantic relationships, and say “no.” Traumatic experiences can happen to any one of us at any time in our lives. I know that you have the potential to heal & build a better life for yourself because other survivors of trauma I have worked with & met have done so. I love working with people who know that they deserve better & who want to invest in themselves to make that a reality.

    Aside from the regular counseling skills I learned in my MSW program, I’ve invested in specialized training called EMDR, becoming a Certified EMDR Therapist. This approach allows me to help you jump-start your brain’s natural healing ability at a neural-biological level to process & achieve lasting change. This is important because once you rewire your brain at this level it will reduce the strong feelings & discomfort you feel from traumatic memories. Then you will become empowered to be in the present & the patterns that used to disturb you will decrease. Once this happens you will be able to confront situations in a more positive frame of mind and choose the way you want to behave instead of simply reacting to fight/ escape/ freeze feelings.

    The reason I have dedicated my entire practice to serving people like you is that because of inherited family trauma patterns, I was once where you are now. My maternal grandfather experienced his own share of trauma growing up an orphan on the streets of New York at age 13. He arrived in the US as a Christian, Assyrian refugee, escaping from his people & family’s genocide in Iran due to their faith. My grandfather had a saying: “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” His saying empowered him to shine shoes on the streets of New York, ultimately putting himself through medical school & forming a family. However, despite my grandfather’s great outward strength in overcoming his circumstances, the internal wounds he carried inside ultimately bled into his personal, home life. Born in Santiago, Chile to my Assyrian- American mother and Chilean father I repeated some of the same unhealthy family patterns, early in my own dating life. As I learned about myself & grew to understand what kept me stuck in that painful lifestyle, I vowed to help other survivors of violence reclaim their lives as well.

    When I’m not working with clients you can find me in my Taekwondo school, art I have been practicing since 1996, perfecting my forms so I can help students to perfect theirs. And by the way, you will often find my dog, my BFF Harmony, or “Minny” as I like to call her tagging along wherever she is allowed!

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